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Make Anything Possible

First and foremost the reason I have taken the time to study and get certified in this modality is that it is ideal for and seems to be just as effective if not more when done over zoom.

This is the feedback from all my clients so far. I think it is because you can get comfortable and go very deep being in your own personal space. Allowing you to solely focus on what is coming up for you.

Before your first session, you will watch a 15-minute video to begin teaching your brain the process. Whether or not you consciously grasp the information presented in the video is nothing to worry about.

The video is more for your subconsciousness than your consciousness. This process works with your subconscious, like a guided meditation. It is like working in an altered state without being chemically altered.

There will be an intro session to map out the process and prepare your brain to work in this altered way. It is all done using metaphors as the brain when in this state works best with visuals and pictures. This allows congruency and integration on all of your psyche.

All you need to do is bring up what you want to work on whether it be a dream, set a goal, or an issue that is currently up. Just bring it up in your mind, your awareness, and feel it emotionally notice any physical sensations that arises and relax. Simply observe, notice any changes that happen as I give work with your subconscious and energy till you reach your goal.

It is very simple, and easy, you don’t have to explain or give any details on the subject at hand to me at all. The subject can be completely private if you wish.

The emotionally charged memories can change fast, as the latest neuroscience has discovered. As with working in altered states once the memory has been disconnected from the intense emotion, it doesn’t affect your behaviors anymore.

The result is long-lasting unlike working in altered states on a substance due to being fully conscious. This allows integration to happen during the process solidifying the changes/healing that occurs during the session.

This makes integration easy because once you begin reacting differently to your experiences, you begin to create new memories reinforcing the change you are looking for.

The subconscious mind runs all our daily behaviors and thoughts. This is where we operate from 95% of the time. There is a part of the mind that is not affected by the drama and trauma of your life, this part is the Healer! It is our “Innate Wisdom”, the SuperConscious mind, it is a superior aspect of the mind that has access to both the conscious and subconscious mind.

It was discovered that the SuperConscious can find any memories, and when trained, can actually neutralize and heal them on command.

I have personally done so many sessions that the SuperConscious can initiate self-healing in the mind/brain at this point.

Sessions work in packages, you start with the intro session, this session lays the groundwork for all following sessions. Depending on what you are working on the minimum following session start at 2 sessions not including the intro.

The packages increase from there depending on the subject. Sessions tend to run every other week to every two weeks so there is plenty of time for integration.

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